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Shortly after having the dream come true of living on an island in the Bay of Fundy, a second dream came true. I was able to buy a local business that imports the highest quality green coffee beans from around the world. I now have the joy of toasting these beans outdoors in the fresh salty Fundy air. The aroma is incredible. & the taste of these freshly roasted & ground beans is amazing!

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About Coffee

The beautiful island of Grand Manan, situated in the Bay of Fundy, is the perfect setting for roasting coffee beans. Something to Crow About Coffee, owned & operated by Beth Jordan, was known as Island Grind with its former owners. As a person who has long been passionate about her coffee, Beth takes great joy in every aspect of the business from ordering, roasting & processing, to delivering a superior quality freshly roasted coffee bean. Only the highest quality green coffee beans are imported through a Canadian 3rd generation company in business since 1951.

Great pride is taken in using only these highest quality green beans, roasted outdoors in a professional roaster in small batches weekly. Only freshly roasted beans are ever sold! The coffee is guaranteed to please. A professional grinder is available for those who prefer their coffee beans pre-ground. Coffee is sold in 1 or 1/2 pound eco friendly plastic lined brown fold tab bags.

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Coffee Bags

Coffee Choices:

Dark Harbour Dark Roast:
My #1 seller is a Peruvian shade grown, slower ripened bean with a rich & intense, yet smooth flavour. Positively addictive!
Grand Manan Medium Roast:
This island favourite coffee boasts a Brazilian Santos bean with a higher caffiene content & smooth, sweet, carmelly taste.
Fundy Fog Blend
Blending just the right mixture of dark roast Peruvian & medium roast Brazilian beans, Fundy Fog Blend delivers a rich, smooth and satisfying flavour & aroma. Well worth trying!
Deep Cove Decaf:
This Columbian bean is easily the most delicious full bodied, rich & smooth decaf bean most people have ever tasted. Columbian coffee is famous for it's distinctive rich taste & this bean certainly delivers the taste experience without the caffiene.
Fair Trade
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Beth Jordan
133 rte 776
Grand Manan Island
New Brunswick
E5G 1A4